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” And that doesn’t even touch on what Coddington has planned for her free time!

Currently, Coddington is chasing down an electrical problem in her personal 1940 Ford, which she told us might be the antics of Boyd messing with her.

“Christopher Coddington (Boyd’s son) is building wheels [for] ‘Hot Rods by Boyd‘ and he is doing an amazing job carrying on where his father left off,” Coddington told us.

“With Christopher’s keen eye for wheels and my love for the industry, I am hopeful we can continue to become a brand that is recognized worldwide!

” In the near future, Jo Coddington will be adding a few wheel designs of her own to the Coddington lineup.

As a spokeswoman, Coddington travels all over the world speaking about the industry and encouraging women to get involved, one of her favorite things she’s been able to accomplish in the automotive world.

“I am [also] looking forward to working with the SEMA Business Woman’s Association, mentoring some younger women in the industry!One of Coddington’s favorite tasks was bringing in new talent to work under Boyd’s talented eye and watching them grow into amazing craftsman.In December of 2007, Coddington’s world turned upside down when Boyd was hospitalized over New Years, discharged and then readmitted just a few days later.” The Boyd Coddington Tie Bringing Jo Coddington even more into the automotive spotlight was her legendary meeting of and marriage to Boyd Coddington. corporation, Jo stepped in on a small scale, running parts and answering the phones for the fledgling company.Initially introduced at Hot August Nights in Reno, Nevada by a mutual friend and long-time customer of Boyd’s, Mike Martin, the couple started dating a year later and resulted in a happy marriage and business. Not too long later, Coddington was “booting him (Boyd) out of his office” and became a full-time fixture at the company, wearing every hat from shop mom and friend, to banker, adviser, and even tool cleaner when deadlines were approaching.

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“[I like] inviting women to go to the home shops and garages and learn to love what the husband/boyfriend’s passion is all about; to show them its okay to be as involved as they desire, even if they believe such things as a left handed screw driver; to embrace the culture, to be involved!

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