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You can imagine one of the hippest spots around, packed almost to capacity.The people in Mozambique are unique in the sense that you can hardly ever put your finger on the race of some of them.Why when we share so much in terms of culture and history with our fellow Africans do we feel so different.So I had a brainchild which tried to incorporate my noble aspirations for Africans to actually understand each other mixed with a little bit of my girlie streak.After spending a weekend on the island, I wanted to get a feel for the flavour of the country as a whole (not just the business environment), and there is no better place than Maputo.It has a major Brazilian vibe, and it was a lot of fun going to one of the Brazilian Karaoke bars with one of my colleagues from our subsidiary in Mozambique.

I don’t know if it was the beach, the prawns, the Portuguese but Granted the guy was merely a student, that was there for a pint with his buddies, but I never like paying a mans way, especially one I just met. Some guys (well the ones I like to be around) are often too gentlemanly to accept anything from a woman, made me feel even more like a cougar especially considering that he was a year younger. The quality of the conversation, language barrier or not, was poor.One thing I can tell you is that the guys there are very good-looking, depending on where you are looking of course, as he was not the first one that I came across whose face you could just eat.And the guys must be romantic – one of the staff members at the resort I was staying at on the Island emailed me a poem, shame sweet.Those types of guys however carry that cockiness, and think they can get whatever they want.- including you.I cannot quite reach a verdict with these guys, so perhaps it calls for me to increase the sample with another hottie later :-)… I am a young, South African woman who has been fortunate enough to have a job that involved me working and interacting with people from all over our wonderful continent of Africa.

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