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If you find one that has an advertising logo or slogan on it, examine it carefully.

Be sure the printing is glazed into the surface, rather than applied as a decal, sticker, or paper label.

At approximately 1660 °F / 780 °C, the salt, (sodium chloride), vaporizes and bonds with the silica in the ceramic body to create a silicate glass.

Vibrant blue decorations, achieved by the use of a cobalt oxide slip, are considered a trademark of salt glaze ceramics.

Check carefully to make sure the blue decorations weren't added after the piece was fired.A crock will often be more valuable in the area where it was made.Local potteries will generally command a higher price in their own area because there is a higher concentration of collectors.Redwing is the most popular manufacturer with collectors, so these crocks bring higher prices than others. The crock's condition is also important to its value.Chips, cracks, and extreme wear will bring the final value down.

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