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(3) Remember to take the medication on schedule with infrequent reminders from staff persons. (a) The center shall have a dining area for lunches and breaks. (c) The dining area shall have a sufficient number of tables and chairs to accommodate the maximum number of clients scheduled for lunch or break at one time. (2) Written daily menus shall be prepared and posted in a location visible to the clients.

(2) Acknowledge the amount of, and schedule for, medication.

(10) Mechanical dishwashers shall use hot water temperatures exceeding 140° F in the wash cycle and 180° F in the final rinse cycle or shall be of a chemical sanitizing type approved by the National Sanitation Foundation. Code § 11.123 (relating to core services); and 6 Pa. Centers may provide, arrange or contract for transportation to enable persons, including persons with handicaps, to attend centers and participate in center-sponsored outings. Sections 11.163—11.165 (relating to safety equipment; staffing; and driver of vehicle) apply when transportation for clients is directly provided by the center. (b) Protective devices, such as helmets, mitts and muffs, may be used to prevent self-injury on an interim basis not to exceed 3 months after a client is admitted to a center. (a) When protective devices are used, there shall be at least one staff person available who has completed training in the use of protective devices, including the use of alternative positive approaches.

(4) Obtain medication from its container without assistance or with minimal assistance. (d) The dining area may be used for other purposes throughout the program day. Code § 11.123 (relating to core services); and 6 Pa. If the center provides or arranges for meals for clients, the following requirements apply: (1) Cold food shall be kept at or below 45° F. Menus shall be posted at least 1 program day prior to the menu date. Written menus shall be retained for at least 2 months. (c) If a client refuses to take a prescribed medication, it shall be promptly reported to the responsible party or practitioner, or both, and documented in the client’s record. (b) When assistance includes helping the client to remember the schedule for taking the medication, the prescribed schedule shall be followed. (6) Prescribed diets for clients with medically restricted diets shall be followed. (5) Quantity of foods served at each meal shall contain at least 1/3 of the daily recommended dietary allowances as established by the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Research Council.

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