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They’re planning on introducing a battery pack of sorts in October, enabling you to bring it camping with you atop your Mini.And it’s also got nifty little rollerblade style wheels that make it easy to roll-around. Finally, when it comes to road feel, I haven’t had a ton of time on it – but all feels like a mid to mid-upper end trainer to me, which is logical given the flywheel weight matches those.

That includes forward and back, and then with another bit of loosening you can slide the aerobars inwards/outwards.

So much real that a unit has been sitting in the DCR Cave for a few weeks now.

And while it’s easy for some to dismiss a stationary bike as not a real bike and trainer (I’d often do the same), upon reviewing the specs…and pricing…this thing is pretty darn compelling for a solid chunk of folks.

Today Wattbike has introduced their first consumer-focused smart stationary bike.

And unlike some of the other ideas floating around – this one is actually real, here today, and with production underway.

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