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Thompson comments that the name "Verd Mont" had been applied long before the claimed christening of the state as "Verd Mont" by Reverend Hugh Peters in 1763.[3] One will remember that the earliest European visitor to the state was Samuel de Champlain, who named the lake after himself (1609).

He was followed by numerous missionaries, traders, settlers and soldiers who identified rivers and other physical features of the Champlain watershed.

Almost all modern historians have accepted the comments of early authorities who associated the word Vermont with France's colonial presence in the Champlain Valley.

One of the earliest texts to make the association is Zadock Thompson's History of Vermont (1842).

The available written evidence reveals that the earliest mentions of the Green Mountains are associated with the appearance of the Green Mountain Boys in the summer of 1772.The first edition of Bernard Romans' A Chorographical Map of the Northern Department of North-America [...} clearly delineates a mountain range with hachures and labels its southern end (diagonally, from Wallingford to Bennington) as the "Green Mountains."[8] The designation "State of Vermont" also appears for the first time on Romans' 1778 map (along with a partisan text on behalf of the Lone Republic which salutes its inhabitants as rightful owners "by the triple title of honest purchase, of industry in settling, and now, lately, that of conquest"[9]).The 1779 edition of Claude Joseph Sauthier's A Chorographical Map of the Province of New York [...] is the first one to extend the label "Green Mountains" to the entire north-south spine of the range, from Canada to Massachusetts.[10] It is significant that earlier maps by Sauthier (1776, 1777, 1778) bear no label for the mountain range." Equally eloquent is the fact that prior to 1780, no map based on the surveys or compilations of Samuel Blanchard and Joseph Langdon, Thomas Jefferys, J.The French left many traces of their presence in the toponymy of Vermont but Vermont is simply not one of them.The word Vermont is not in any historical way connected with the French presence in the Green Mountain State before 1760.

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