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However, I think the questioner has something else in mind.

We might state the question this way: "What does the Bible say about dating?

If the latter is true, they should remember that someone else is out with the woman who will be their wife, so we all benefit from godly dating. The point is that men and women should be thoughtful when dating, realizing that, as my wife puts it, "You're not just holding hands, you're holding hearts." If all this talk of responsibility and ministry is taking the fun and romance out of dating for you, let me suggest that you may not be ready to date according to this second commandment Jesus taught.

The only male-female relationships spoken of in Scripture are brother-sister, father-daughter, son-mother, and husband-wife.

What that means is not that the Bible is irrelevant for those wishing to date, but rather that we will have to approach the matter principially.

Following Christ's example, we will minister in love rather than manipulate in fear.

Since we know that God's regular pattern for our blessing is marriage, although there are exceptions, we normally will date with an eye towards marriage, seeking in dating to establish a relationship that will produce a godly home.

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" Remember, too, that there are other people involved than just the two of you on a date.

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