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In hostels, at events, at bus stops, in trains, at border checkpoints. The more contacts you have the more chance that one of them might just be the one for you. A music festival, a coffee shop poetry night, a football match, a night Safari. One of those days, she will say yes, come along, love it and maybe just fall in love with you.

There is nothing worse than going on a date and the girl sees you as a sleazy guy after a one night stand (willy in, willy out tactic), so take the hint and get to know HER region.

Apps like Zoosk and Tinder were only good for flirting and firing your willy up a few times. It’s elusive unless you work hard to love each other.

So on the road – the best way to find someone, is actually ONLINE.

You end up unstable and while I backpacked through North Korea, Australia, Italy, England and USA, I didn’t even find that everlasting love.

You move on again and any friendships you developed are defined only via Facebook.

You walk into the room and sit in that seat opposite your first “date”. You get 4 minutes to chat about anything you want, then the organiser blows a whistle or announces, it’s time for the next “date”.

Tonight I alight at Metro Centrum and bang opposite that famous building, the one that inspired my personal tune on “Stalin’s reign“.

Speed dating was new at the time, a load of these Woking dating sites were also appearing (pre- Facebook days too).

It was a fad, a craze at the time and so as four single guys at the time, we jumped on board.

Somebody or some company organises it, normally in a city.

The UK has many such events and of course there is also the online dating option, with websites now, such as County Durham dating, London dating and from gorgeous Devon, you have the chance of finding a lovely Devon girl (or guy) via Torquay dating. Single people pay a fixed fee (for the online dating or the event).

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