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Yet the fascination of the book does not reside solely in the obscene spectacle of its author's nakedness.(The author and journalist Cyril Connolly once said that no one writing completely honestly about himself could fail to produce a masterpiece.) Even in a book as revelatory as this, representing the first time a thinker of such stature has been able, by a terrifying privilege, to write about madness and murder in the first person, there are levels of candour of which, as in any other text, the author himself is not entirely in control.

At that time, in the Sixties and Seventies, he had come to personify the Socratic ideal of a philosopher without an oeuvre, his two most influential books, Pour Marx and Lire 'Le Capital', being simply collections of his lectures and surprisingly brief.

L'Avenir dure longtemps is only the latest in a series of texts which have had the effect of demystifying the Parisian intelligentsia of the past two decades.

There was, most recently, the publication of Simone de Beauvoir's correspondence, which shed a less than flattering light on both Sartre and herself.

The data was collected through questionnaires filled out by parents and teachers, and the children responded to the questions through an interactive tool.

Accounting for variations in development explained by the children's ages and genders, the team found that high video game usage was associated with a 1.75 times increase in the odds of high intellectual functioning.

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Young children who play a lot of video games may be more likely to have better intellectual and social skills than their non-gaming peers, a new scientific study has suggested.

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