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Cortana's actions saved all life in the galaxy from total annihilation.At that point, 343 Guilty Spark, seeing that the duo had no intention of returning the Index, tried and failed to kill them to retrieve it.s fusion reactors would destroy the Halo.The neural pathways of the cloned brain were scanned and copied through a process called Cognitive Impression Modeling. Together, Cortana and John passed a test that was devised (Dr.Her first words were "Quando il gioco è finito, il re e il pedone vanno nella stessa scatola." This phrase translates to "When the game is over, the king and the pawn go in the same box." The phrase was spoken by Halsey's mother after their first game of chess. Watched as you became the soldier we needed you to be. Halsey would have called it "sabotaged") by Colonel James Ackerson.

While aboard, she took her revenge on Colonel Ackerson by hacking into his system and blackmailing him, hoping that this would send him back to the front lines.Although Carter and Emile were both killed by the Covenant's ground forces before making it to the Shipyard, Six would successfully deliver Cortana to Jacob Keyes, the captain of the Autumn, who arrived via Pelican and received "the package." To ensure the Autumns escape, Noble Six stayed behind and used a Mass driver to destroy a CCS-class battlecruiser blocking the ship's launch trajectory and preparing to glass the shipyard, and therefore, the Autumn, Cortana, and John.Six succeeded and ensured the Autumn's safe escape. As soon as Pillar of Autumn escaped the surface and atmosphere of Reach, they jumped into Slipstream Space on a (supposedly) random vector as per the Cole Protocol. Humans, Covenant, whatever - we're all equally edible.However, Cortana secretly inserted coordinates translated from symbols on a rock that John-117 discovered on Sigma Octanus IV, thinking that they were of some significance to the Covenant. The only way to stop the Flood is to starve them to death.And that's exactly what Halo is designed to do: wipe the galaxy clean of all sentient life.” After emerging from Slipspace, the two discovered a ring shaped world called "Halo." Unfortunately, Covenant ships had followed them and the fighting continued.

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