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And it’s true that until you find Him, and you have that satisfaction in that relationship with him, all the other stuff isn’t going to make much of a difference.Week 2 we looked at the next step which is “Finding the Two.” We talked about the principles, that higher standard that God has called us to in terms of finding the Two in the whole dating world.But we have to get things in order first, and if your life is in chaos especially with your priorities then he can’t bring Eve to Adam until everything gets calm and settled first.But God is the one who brings the relationship to us when we’re ready.We have been given the DNA of a good…or should I say…a GREAT leader and a leader in a relationship. I’m not saying higher or anything else, just straight facts.It’s inside of us and we’re going to see from this passage that we just read how God programmed that inside of us. The fact that men and women were not created the exact same way and in the exact same time is to signify that they don’t have the exact same role.The whole process of together and break up and together and breakup, we’ve trained ourselves that when we’re in a relationship and we’re in love and things don’t go the way that we like it, just break up and start looking for another person. The Beginning of creation Today, we’re going to get even more specific into that higher standard and I have invited a guest speaker to be with us today. Watch a little video clip right here that’s going to give you the foundation of this.

So adam all of a sudden is very very excited and this is great and he’s ecstatic as to what God has given him. After Adam had named all the other animals, giraffe, dog, cat, etc looked at this one and said, “this isn’t like a rhinoceroses, this isn’t like a giraffe, this isn’t even like a man, this is WOW-Man …and he made her WOMAN!

God is the one who brings Even to Adam and says, “this is what I’ve prepared for you.” That’s why the procession in the orthodox service, who brings the bride down? Man ordered his world with God first and then God brought woman to man.

It’s first the deacons (symbolizing the angels) and then the priest symbolizing God are bringing both the people down because God is the one who’s making the match, not the parents or anything funny like that. But before God brought woman to man, man ordered his world, saw that it wasn’t good, so he put man in a deep sleep and the he brought forth woman. This explains why we are relationally challenged sometimes as a male race.

And if they were the same, God would have created them at the same time and in the same way, but he did things differently to show that there is a difference.

Men are great leaders And men, our topic for today as you can see from your handout, is we are going to learn how to become great LEADERS!! What you’re going to see is that men, we are equipped and we are programmed and hard wired and given all the tools necessary to be great leaders, regardless of how incapable we thing we are, incompetent we think we are or our spouse thinks we are at this point of time in our life.

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