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Rather than sacrifice the sun as the legends claimed was required, however, Sentinel gambled that mere proximity to the star would be enough for the cube to re-energize itself... The All Spark was revitalized, and new life flooded into Cybertron as hostilities came to an end in the face of the truth that Sentinel had been right all along.

The Thetacons constructed a temple around the All Spark, as a way of making amends for their aggression.

Sources say it was created by a nameless power for a reason, but that reason is as yet unknown...At Optimus Prime's orders, Bumblebee and a group of Autobots served as decoys, drawing the Decepticons to Tyger Pax, far enough away from the artifact's true location to buy Prime the time needed to prepare the launch.Megatron witnessed the launch from afar, and immediately took off after the cube, pursuing it across the galaxy for thousands of years.The All Spark was discovered beneath the city of Simfur and unearthed, prompting an attack by Sentinel's most violent opponents, the Thetacons.During the battle, technical genius Wheeljack used a device to warp space and time, teleporting a sun from across the galaxy into Cybertronic space.

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Any fragments that would remain in the event of the All Spark's physical destruction would still possess all of the incredible power that the original object did.

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