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And the heirloom tomatoes are some of the best I'll ever see." —Chef Joel Viehland, Community Table, Washington, CT Don’t miss: Heirloom tomatoes from Wild Carrot Farm REHOBOTH BEACH FARMERS' MARKET, REHOBOTH BEACH “Rehoboth Beach has the best farmers market in the area, in my opinion.

[Rehoboth Beach Farmers’ Market] happens every Tuesday from May through October, [and it] exudes a great sense of community.

They've done a tremendous job diversifying: local non-GMO grains of all types, heritage breed pork and poultry, eggs, honey, cheese—it's all there, in addition to the amazing produce.

It's also taking on this Southern makers vibe, offering lots of artisan crafts.

I love that; it reminds me of the markets I grew up with.” —Chef Chris Hastings, Hot and Hot Fish Club, Birmingham, AL Don’t miss: White peaches in late August Chef Hastings' signature summer staple at Hot and Hot Fish Club is adapted here, combining fried whole baby okra and delicate lady peas served over fresh heirloom tomato slices and topped with smoky bacon and a creamy herbed dressing.

SOUTH ANCHORAGE FARMERS' MARKET, ANCHORAGE “Produce [at the South Anchorage Farmers’ Market] is Wonderlandesque thanks to cool nights and sunny days.

UPTOWN FARMERS MARKET, PHOENIX “[Uptown Farmers Market] is a new market that just started [in 2014].

It’s already amazing, and it’s only going to grow.” —Chef Charleen Badman, Fn B, Scottsdale, AZ Badman notes that in addition to a great array of produce and prepared goods produced entirely in-state, the market uses local high school culinary students to clean, peel, and chop fresh produce for shoppers on request.

It’s a really tight-knit beach community, so it’s a place where you can always find friends, family, and good food.” —Chef Ed Kenney, Town, Honolulu, HI Don’t miss: The experience as a whole.

Drizzle with a little Homeboy's Hot Sauce for extra heat.

BENTONVILLE FARMERS MARKET, BENTONVILLE “[Bentonville Farmers Market] is in the beautiful town square, thousands of people go there every Saturday, and it gets even better each year." —Chef Matthew Mc Clure, The Hive, Bentonville, AR Mc Clure notes that immigrant Hmong and Central and South American farmers have added wonderful diversity and international flair to the market, offering key produce, such as bitter melons, long beans, and chiles, from their cuisines.

Here are our picks for the top markets in America, as named by renowned chefs, cookbook authors, and food notables from every state.

PEPPER PLACE FARMERS MARKET, BIRMINGHAM “[The Pepper Place Farmers Market] is one of the best assets in the city of Birmingham.

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Don’t miss: Apples, including varieties such as Jonathan, Jonagold, and Arkansas Black SANTA MONICA FARMERS MARKET, SANTA MONICA “The Wednesday [Downtown Santa Monica Farmers Market] is my link to the freshest and most delicious locally grown fruits and vegetables.

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