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After being put in charge of family game night, Mady maintained total control over the event — which meant occasionally pushing back against her 41-year-old mother so she wouldn't take over! That's because in Tuesday night's all-new , the mother-of-eight flat out refuses to take part in a casual family helicopter crash simulation — Ya know, on second thought… Video: Jon Gosselin Says He Hasn't Seen Collin In 1.5 Years!The overbearing matriarch was not only shushed when trying to explain how the game will go — at one point, Mady even uttered, "I think your mouth is a little too loud" — but also denied the duty of picking her own team's T-shirt color! Kate acknowledged her daughter's attitude in an interview, but explained having some bark is a good thing in the Gosselin house. But Kate's not the only one too chicken to watch the chopper intentionally crash and burn — okay, crash and sink — 16-year-old twins Mady and Cara sit out due to the risk of water ruining their makeup. Luckily, the older half of the TLC fam isn't about to spoil Aaden, Alexis, Hannah, Joel, and Leah's fun!!Neil reportedly quit his gig with Gosselin in 2014, after his wife Gina reached her limit.But as Radar previously reported, Gosselin was back with Neild — and two-timing her millionaire boyfriend Jeff Prescott — when she was caught having a touchy-feely meal with the bodyguard at the same time she was dating Prescott.

Law enforcement sources tell that police in Wyomissing, PA responded to an argument that erupted over one of the Gosselin's 8 kids.

Recently, the father-of-eight — who expressed concerns...

It's time to get Kate Gosselin back in the dating scene — according to her eight kids, that is!

This allegedly ignited an argument between Jon and Kate over the custody order, which involves both parties having some sort of shared custody.

In the end, Jon ended up taking the child with him. On Wednesday, Kate Gosselin's sextuplets — Aaden, Alexis, Collin, Hannah, Leah, and Joel — turned 13, officially making them teenagers!

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On the heels of troubled son Collin's special needs treatment in a facility away from home comes news that her ex got engaged again. To a stunning 27-year-old girlfriend, Jenna Sabacheuskaya!

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