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She also regularly hangs with Adamo Ruggiero (aka Marco), which is basically the best news ever!

She's also pals with Paula Brancati (who played Jane on the show).

Currently he is a news reporter for This Is Fusion—a station from ABC-Univision. So she made t-shirts with his face in flames and sang revenge songs.

It's pretty cool seeing him deliver news and being a journalist (but it's impossible to forget his bandana Degrassi days). Now: According to her Twitter bio, she is "a force to be reckoned with." She still performs music, whether solo gigs or in a band. ) She occasionally tweets at her former TV stepbrother Toby (Jake Goldsbie). He was always cracking jokes and making fun of Liberty. Like her character, she's had success with modeling in real life. He has a new web series called Extremely Nice Boys.

But a cute song wasn't enough to fix things, since he got Manny pregnant.The faith-based audience is much bigger and much more diverse than Hollywood understands.And the faith-based audience is the same audience that's going to see all of your big tentpole films and all your animated movies. Then: Before Drizzy Drake, he was Jimmy — a Michael Jordan/Jackson wannabe (Remember his ripped pants at the '80s dance? Then out of nowhere, she married Spinner (even though she should've ended up with Sean, obvs). She's still BFFs with Manny Santos and posts Insta photos with her regularly. He's had major musical success, including Grammy nominations. Then: In the very first episode, Emma got Catfished by a creepy guy she met online. Later, she got gonorrhea after a promiscuous streak in the ravine.

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