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And without many options, Romo eventually settled for a partial scholarship from Eastern Illinois University.In college, the stress that went with trying to excel was overwhelming.Raised in Wisconsin, his father served in the United States Navy, while his mother was a store clerk.With two older sisters, young Tony was the man of the house when his father was away.But I had never known how to give yourself over to the Lord.You could say, I never thought deeply about it other than just Sunday school and church.

He met the woman on his upcoming reality dating competition, “Catching Kelce,” which really exists. It’s a day that many of us didn’t see coming so quickly.After 14 seasons on the field, Tony Romo, the Dallas Cowboys legend and four-time Professional Bowler, is retiring from the ‘Boys and taking his life in a new direction.However, the 36-year-old actress was subjected to a barrage of British tabloid scrutiny when she began a relationship with Buckingham Palace's resident red-headed bad boy, Prince Harry.Attacks were waged against her mixed-race heritage, U.

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Romo shared, “I had never known how to give myself over to the Lord…

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